"You developed a quick 30 minute workout for me back in the spring of 2015 which was focused to help my running. Although I slacked off of it and my running for some time, I recently got back into it and was able to run my first 5k in years with a time of 20:48, which stunned me. I know that your program helped me reach that time and I wanted to say thank you. It is a great routine." - R.Y

"I have to tell you again how much I love your Hella HIIT classes. I find them fun, but very challenging. I am reading an article in Runners World that I would like to share with you although I already know you know this. Thinking this is why I feel like a stronger/faster runner because of your classes. Three of moves in the article are mountain climbers, jump squats, and skater legs. You incorporate all of these moves in your classes! :) " - Chris S. 

"I approached my first venture into personal training with some trepidation because of my age and attending physical problems. That changed the day I met Julie.

Julie is passionate about fitness and it shows in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy-going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each work out challenging, and most importantly, fun! She motivates me to push past my perceived limitations. As a result, I feel stronger both physically and mentally.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, but working with Julie has been an extremely rewarding step." - Kathy A. 

"I have worked out my entire life, but when I started working out with Julie 8 years ago, my level of fitness reached an entirely new level. 

With Julie’s guidance, my body transformed by getting more toned and stronger than ever before without adding “manly’ bulk”. I feel energized, confident and look better than 20 years ago. Julie pushes me to do my very best with encouragement, enthusiasm and support. When I come to Core Class, HIIT, Boot Camp or TRX classes, I walk out feeling my entire body has been trained. There is no routine: each class is unique and fresh, exercising different muscle groups as well as ensuring every person works out to their own ability without injury, and I am always amazed when class time is over.

Make the time to join Julie Gerrish Fitness if you are ready to start working out after years of being a couch potato or if you are fit but simply want to see results you think were not possible."  - Raki Z. 

"I would highly recommend Julie Gerrish to anyone!  Just taking her classes a couple of times a week has yielded tremendous rewards and real fitness gains.

On my own I found myself doing the same workouts and exercises over and over, without great results, and a lot of repeated injuries and tightness as I worked the same muscles the same way over and over. Julie has real knowledge around what works, what doesn't, and what our body needs as we age, related to stretching, That has made a huge difference for me, In strength and flexibility.

She lives what she teaches, and she is committed to her clients in a very authentic  and kind way. Working with her has made me a better runner, cyclist and skier, not to mention generally happier, and almost bionic and bullet proof. At least I feel that way! Thanks Julie!" - Joe Z. 

"I have been trying to stay fit and healthy all my life.  With a few slips in the road behind me (I hope)  I am feeling the absolute best I have felt in a very long time.  THANK YOU JULIE GERRISH for being my inspiration!!  Less than a year ago I began going to Julie for personal training, then I started going to her amazing group classes! 

Julie is an amazing person who is kind, true and sincere about helping each and everyone one of us reach our personal goals regardless of our fitness level. The group classes are a great way to burn calories, and have fun doing it!  You really need to check her out.  I am so glad I did! "  - Kathy C., age 58

It is not an exaggeration to say that working with Julie Gerrish has not only changed my body but has changed my life. When I started with Julie several years ago, I was experiencing back pain, hip pain, foot pain, and did not have the best balance in the world. Now, I am completely pain free, as strong and fit and flexible as I have ever been, and best of all, have so much more ability and confidence in the balance department--I've gotten further than I ever imagined possible. I've worked with many, MANY top trainers (I used to be a magazine fitness editor) and Julie is seriously the best: She customizes workouts for every client, does deep research to tackle whatever issues arise, and she is fun, energizing and motivating. I love her so much that I even work out with her on Skype when I am not in town--where she has put together amazing workouts I can do right in my bedroom or hotel room. I can't recommend Julie highly enough. --Paula Derrow, aged 55

Paula D.